Elemental Electronics


Week 0

Submit your idea/innovation through the questioner or contact us directly

  1. If you need an NDA here is our standard one, once you’ve approved and signed it send it through to jointventures@elementalelec.com.au and we’ll return e-mail you a completed copy

We review your product/invention including but not limited to: 

  1. Technical risk – Is it possible to design and manufacture?

  2. Budget & effort – Great ideas sometimes take great money; we’ll check if it’s commercially feasible and manufacturable

  3. Market research – We don’t spend much time here, but we do check if it already exists and what it might sell for. Generally, we expect you to have known this prior to engaging us.

  4. Timing – Can it be done in time

Week 1

Meet & greet!

  1. Were passionate about what we do, our investment approach provides you with a full turn-key service, from design to manufacture. Our JV approach doesn’t invest in just the product but in real people and businesses, having a shared goal with good communication is vital to the success for any product.

  2. We prefer to meet at our facility but if your local were happy to come to you. If you are located interstate a phone call works too.  

Week 2 & 3

Offer and formalization

  1. We work on various methods in our joint venture program. From profit sharing to equity buy-back we work with you to create a solution that is fair for all.

Week 3

Project Kick-Off!

  1. Generally, we complete projects anywhere between 4 weeks to 6 months. Time is always of the essence for us, so we like to start as soon as possible, and you will find that we really hit the ground running!

Proven & Tested Hardware

We’ve developed A LOT of electronics. Our tried and tested designs are used more often than not within new products and applications.

Still have questions?

Get in touch and we’ll discuss your project.