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Elemental Electronics – Our Capabilities

“If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it, even if I may not have it at the beginning”Mahatma Gandhi

It’s always a challenge articulating what we do. To sum it up in a sentence we bring ideas and concepts into reality, and in order to do so we utilise our capabilities. Broadly speaking our capabilities are split into three categories, Electronics Design, Software Development and Manufacturing with each category having it’s own set of capabilities.

Electronics Design: 
This is the first service our business offered, I still remember our first project of creating a judging system for weight lifting events. It was basic. A few buttons and a PIC microcontroller running into a PC that would log judges scores. 
Since then we’ve come a long way. Now we have several experienced Hardware Engineer’s working on anything from simple battery chargers to complex high-speed motherboards. 

Electronics Manufacturing: 
I’m a strong advocate of manufacturing in Australia – when it makes sense. 
95% of our clients who we complete designs for end up manufacturing with us. There are several reasons for this, but generally when volumes are low and quality is paramount it can make economic sense to manufacture in Aus, plus nothing speaks like quality more than sticking the “Australian Made” logo on your next product. 
Over the years as our customer base has grown as too has our manufacturing capabilities. In 2023/2024 we have installed a new state of the art low/mid volume electronics assembly line which includes all new: 
1. High speed pick-and-placer : Juki RS-1R
2. Semi-Automatic Stencil Printer : PBT Works Go29
3. X-Ray Inspection Machine: Nordson Explorer One 
4. Vapor Phase Reflow Oven: Asscon VP510

Software Development: 
If the heart of a product is a microcontroller, then the brain is software. 
Almost every product we design and manufacture has some type of software attached. In the past a Hardware Engineer could also write code to run applications for many types of products – and they probably still can. However as circuit designs have become more complex so too has the software running it. To this end we have several Software Engineers writing code for Embedded Applications as well as web-based and software applications. 

Putting it all together: Our Turnkey Approach 
We are proud to be one of the select few businesses able to offer a turnkey approach to product development, which is only possible by combining our capability categories. In future we hope to further expand our design and manufacturing resources. 

Today we believe our capabilities are strong and in-line with the industry standards, feel free to check out our specific capabilities in the attached docs.

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