Elemental Electronics


Embedded Software

Microprocessor technology allows simple and complex tasks to be done on a tiny level. At the heart of any electronic product lies one or more of these processors.

From IoT solutions to high-end medical products, our software team strive to write code that is as optimized as possible. By writing optimized code, tasks like sending data from wearable technology allows the electronic hardware to use less power and thereby extending battery life.

The balance of processing power vs battery life can be tricky, so our software and hardware team work very closely to ensure applications don’t run too slow or are too power hungry.

User Interfaces (UI & UX)

Our user interface (UI) design team are focused on developing interactive and innovative designs that are simple, creative and purposeful. The team is made up of our high-level software, hardware and mechanical engineers.

UI’s come in all different shapes and forms (literally), but the design strategy never really changes. We work closely with our customers throughout the product development cycle to ensure that the product’s end user receives a friendly, easy-to-use interface.

Web Servers

Elemental Electronics software team provides all different types of web-services. From databases and dashboards to web-sites and online stores, our web-services include everything from technical web-sites to on-line stores.

Our preferred choice for cloud computing is Microsoft Azure, it allows us to build, test, deploy and manage all different types of applications through Microsoft’s advanced global network of data centers.

We form close relationships with our customers and more often than not our web-services team go the extra mile to support our customers with I.T support, which include creating e-mail exchanges, web-sites, on-line stores and online cloud storage.

Mobile Apps

Got a new mobile app idea, or want to add a user interface to a new/existing product without the expense of a touchscreen or mechanical buttons?

Our software team have you covered. We love creating mobile applications simply because of the amount of interactively it can bring to a product, to this end we usually encourage our customers to allow us to “future proof” their products so if they ever wanted to add a mobile application to their product it would be possible.

Mobile apps aren’t just interactive, they can also act as a gateway to the internet.

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