Elemental Electronics

Recent Projects


Timebirds Sonic

The Timebirds® Sonic Timer is a durable, portable gym timer that fits in a pocket, mounts to a wall or rack, and delivers crystal clear LED visibility in a 7-segment, green-and-red display. We were engaged to redesign the electronics and software from the initial prototype. Like all products we also manufacture the Sonic and provide on-going support to Timebirds.

• USB C Charging
• Internal LiPo battery
• Dimmable 7-Segment display
• Updateable OS via Mac or Windows PC

BRP Group

Safety Shovel

The Safety Shovel is an ingenious idea from a founder at BRP Group, who engaged us to design, develop and manufacture all the electronic and software requirements of the device. The Safety Shovel is designed to be used as a supportive tool to protect workers from harmful events that cause human and infrastructure risk.

• Metal Detection Range: 0-300mm
• Magnetic Field Detection
• Bluetooth Low Energy
• Android and Apple App
• Internal rechargeable battery

Knock-on Irrigation

Wireless High Flow Irrigation Timer

The Wireless Irrigation Timer is a system that allows farmers to irrigate fields intelligently. Generally, a field will consist of anywhere between 10 and 100 timers. Each timer is stand-alone, powered by a 12V battery which solar powered, once a timer receives a “knock-on” signal it opens a linear actuator which allows for a high-flow low pressure water line to open and irrigate a section of the field. Once a user-defined time limit has been set, the Timer lowers the actuator closing the line and wirelessly notifies the next Timer to open.

• Solar Charger
• 915MHz transceiver for communications
• Custom designed transflective segmented LCD
• H-Bridge motor drive circuit with current control
• Battery monitoring

Remote Power Solutions


The HUM™ has been developed to provide reliable remote asset tracking, health monitoring and equipment control combined into one compact, low cost, highly connective and versatile product. The remote Health & Utilisation Monitoring, or HUM™, was designed to suit integrate devices from almost any manufacturer.

• Integrated Ethernet Switch
• 4G and LoRA
• 4 x USB Ports
• Power Over Ethernet Ports (PoE)
• Various GPIOs/ADCs and RS-485 support
• Wifi and Bluetooth


Commercial Chlorinator

We are specialists in automation and control hardware. Waterlink engaged us to design, develop and manufacture a new Commercial Chlorinator capable of meeting the demands of their new chlorination cell. The advanced design also integrates numerous peripherals, together they provide a turn-key approach to commercial pool monitoring and control.

• High-current power monitoring and control
• HDMI with Integrated HMI
• 3 x USB Ports
• Cellular 4G, Ethernet and RS-485
• 4 x GPO (240V) outputs
• 4 x 4-20mA Inputs
• Various other industrial inputs and outputs


Web Server & Monitoring

Waterlink engaged us to develop a complete cloud based commercial pool monitoring and maintenance system. The system links any Waterlink device to the cloud, and your smartphone, and stores each test on file for a minimum of 2 years. Alerts via email and SMS are then automatically sent when pre-set limits are exceeded, to notify your staff of any issues in real time. These results are transmitted to your configured devices such as computers or smart phones, immediately informing operators of any concern which may occur. 

• Real time data analytics for latest pool chemistry e.g. Chlorine, pH
• Fully configurable multi-user/level access
• E-mail and SMS alerts with user definable set-points
• Real time graphing and data export
• Data storage for a minimum of 2 years per site/pool


Waterlink Synergy™ Control Board

Waterlink’s Synergy™ system required robust and accurate control of Advanced Oxidation Processes and UV disinfection systems. To complement their equipment EE designed, development and manufacture an Waterlink specific control board which is fully configurable by Waterlink to allow system specific installation and deployment.


Underwater Sound Projector

In hydro power systems, fish and other aquatic mammals can get caught in large turbines when water is drawn from rivers and the sea. The Underwater Sound Projector (UWSP) was a proof of concept exercise whereby characteristic sounds were generated and projected underwater in an attempt to “scare” away specific fish.

Function Generator

Electrotherapy Stimulator

The cAMP Cyclic AMP Stimulator is device, designed to provide clinicans with the ability to apply bio-electric waveforms that are programmed to stimulate and generate cyclic AMP utilization. The device uses special function generators to produce high resolution amplitude modulated waveforms.