Elemental Electronics

Recent Projects

Function Generator

Electrotherapy Stimulator

The cAMP Cyclic AMP Stimulator is device, designed to provide clinicans with the ability to apply bio-electric waveforms that are programmed to stimulate and generate cyclic AMP utilization. The device uses special function generators to produce high resolution amplitude modulated waveforms.

Salt Chlorinator

Commercial Pool Controller

A products physical design not only has to be aesthetically pleasing but be robust as well. At EE our mechanical design team uses advanced graphic and mechanical software to ensure products look and feel great whilst lasting a lifetime. Our mechanical team have a combined experience of over 30 years and are extremely versatile. From large robotic cells to hand-held enclosures, we always strive to provide full Engineering support through a product’s development lifecycle.

SIS W250

Wound Treatment Device

The SIS Machine W100 is a constant micro current and voltage stimulation with real time monitoring of resistance, output current/voltage and algorithms designed to deliver silver ions directly into the wound bed. It can be applied to acute and chronic wounds with active silver ion delivery for fast treatment and prevention of infection.


Underwater Sound Projector

In hydro power systems, fish and other aquatic mammals can get caught in large turbines when water is drawn from rivers and the sea. The Underwater Sound Projector (UWSP) was a proof of concept exercise whereby characteristic sounds were generated and projected underwater in an attempt to “scare” away specific fish.

Pool Monitoring Portal

IoT Web Server

The CP240 plant room controller interfaces with existing pool diognostics systems and wirelessly sends and stores data to a web server to provide customers with real time and historical data on their pool or spa.

Infection Treatment

Electrotherapy Stimulator

The SIS Machine M100 is a micro current stimulator with real time monitoring of resistance, output current and algorithms designed to provide direct and local treatment for increasingly common superbugs and hard-to-reach infections.