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We partner with you to create innovative electronic & software solutions



We partner with you to create innovative electronic & software solutions




Elemental Electronics

Small Business


Elemental Electronics

Small Business

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Our clients span many industries, ranging from farming through to construction and mining.


We design and manufacture with the latest technology.


Control Boards


IoT & Cloud

Antennas & RF

Battery & solar

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End to end product development

We partner with clients to design, develop and manufacture new technology.

Our process begins with a new concept or idea for a product. Your concept could be in the form of a written document to a prototype. We work with you in developing and fine-tuning your concept such that sufficient information can be gathered to start a project analysis.

Though a concept or invention can seem like a great idea, technical and financial analysis is required to ensure the product can be designed, manufactured whilst still being able to meet target market demands. These are all questions answered during our project analysis stage.

Once the project has been analysed with set milestones, we begin the Hardware Design. With over 12 years of experience in Hardware Design, we provide a fast and agile approach to Hardware Design and Development. Using state-of-the-art CAD software and in-house manufacturing we can quickly and efficiently design and manufacture hardware.

At the heart of almost all the products we design, and manufacture is a microcontroller. Our specialist Software Engineers create and deploy code to control functions of various hardware systems to meet the overall product requirements. Our Software services also extend to web and app development.

Ever seen those marks and logos on the back of a product? Usually, a product requires certain testing to provide evidence of electromagnetic compatibility and general conformance. We tailor our design and manufacturing processes to ensure a streamlined approach to certification.

Once your product is complete, we provide full manufacturing and supply support, all in-house. This allows us to maintain quality, reliability and full control of your product whilst also providing flexibility in production volumes and logistics.

Recent Projects

Timebirds Sonic

Portble | LiPo Battery | USB-C Rechargeable| LED Lighting

Safety Shovel

Bluetooth Low Energy| Rechargeable | Metal & Magnetic Field Detection

Remote Power Solutions

Feature Rich | Industrial IoT Device

Knock-on Irrigation

Wireless RF | Robust | Solar Rechargeable

Pool Monitoring Server

Reliable | Easy-to-use | Customisable

Commercial Pool Controller

Industrial | High Power | IoT Enabled

Electrotherapy Stimulator

Portable | Bluetooth | Battery Powered

Underwater Sound Projector

Safe | PC Controlled | Robust

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